glib 2.25.13

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.25.13
  Uploaded by: Ryan Lortie
 sha256sum: 21001d2365f286f61710936d0e06fab7eef8d0aba57ffe37a5f8a41342e23c59
      size: 8.5M
 sha256sum: 785297b1528cba6f2d20358ba7386be49bad0e7d50aa4b965d80a44eba14a5e0
      size: 5.9M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.12 to GLib 2.25.13

|   WARNING: There have been no breaks in API or ABI.  Weird, eh?   |

The primary purpose of this release is to fix a serious problem with
glib 2.25.12: glibconfig.h (as generated on a Fedora amd64 system) was
being distributed in the tarball.  It was being used to build some parts
of glib on other systems (eg: 32bit ones).  This was causing some very
serious problems.

There have been many other improvements, however:

 Build and testing:
  - vastly improved test coverage
  - old tests moved to the gtester framework
  - gtester Makefile modified so that the tests only run once
  - cleanup of how we handle includes while building glib

  - add a g_return_if_fail (utf8) to g_variant_new_string()

  - perform extra sanity checks when serialising messages
  - add API to query and set the byteorder of a GDBusMessage
  - improve debug output, add some extra options
  - if exiting due to the bus disconnecting us, print an error message
    explaining why
  - sort property names correctly
  - don't bother sending RemoveMatch when we will close the connection
  - use effective uid/gid for credential passing

  - add G_SETTINGS_BIND_INVERT_BOOLEAN for inverting boolean bindings
    without mapping functions
  - mark all strings in the schema compiler for translation

  - improve closure support for bindings
  - copy GSettings INVERT_BOOLEAN flag

  - fix another complicated GCancellable deadlock possibility

Bugs closed:
 599590 glib build doesn't look for correct pkg-config
 619026 avoid warning in gutils.h when using gcc with -Wconversion
 624739 Please fix
 625472 Valgrind claims uninitialized bytes used
 625500 g_date_set_time_val documentation doesn't mention local time
 625628 GDBusProxy: wrong property name sorting
 625753 Incorrect flags used in g_dbus_connection_call_sync()
 625827 Expand documentation about error quark naming
 625988 builddir != srcdir issues
 626107 glibconfig.h is being disted

Updated translations:
 Norwegian bokmål

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