gthumb 2.11.6

       Module: gthumb
      Version: 2.11.6
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
 sha256sum: 0b56ca75a6ae28688bac4855eb98926e0e9e876d4c5b48b8d128018d7021944a
      size: 5.5M
 sha256sum: 650a9d699b43005d0fb0eaa371ecf24c1793adf205a85ce224ad44e17cbce427
      size: 4.0M


version 2.11.6

        New features and user visible changes:

        * Added ability to sort by path (#625610)
        * Crop tool: allow to force dimesions as multiple of 8 or other sizes
        * Convert the old catalogs to the new format and location (#618302)
        * Show an information dialog after creating a web album. from the
          dialog allow the user to open the web album in the browser, or to
          view the destination folder with the file manager. (#624264)
        * [desktop_background] added ability to reset or open the preferences
          After setting a desktop background an info-bar is displayd at the
          bottom of the window to allow the user to reset the previous
          background or to open the background preferences.

        Bugs fixed:

        * Ignore hidden files and directories when importing files (#624579)
        * [importer] do not overwrite files with the same name (#624932)
        * [webalbums] rotate the destination file instead of the original file
        * Fixed crash on paste. (#625187)
        * Fixed lossless rotation with libjpeg8. (#612809)
        * Remove the action group when a page is deactivated (#596906)
        * Do not link to the exiv2 extension if it's not built  (#624326)
        * Preserve the exif data after a lossless rotation
        * Removed use of the gdk_draw_* functions, always use cairo instead.

        New or updated application translations:

        * Deutsch (Mario Blättermann)
        * Español (Jorge González)
        * French (Claude Paroz)
        * Norwegian/Bokmaal (Kjartan Maraas)
        * Slovenian Translation (Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?)
        * Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

        New or updated manual translations:

        * Español (Daniel Mustieles)

version 2.11.6

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