gnome-themes 2.31.6

       Module: gnome-themes
      Version: 2.31.6
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
 sha256sum: bd797472146dd7b5755a07959ea0125ee5fd7d802ba9ef25bf6c18b4172ff905
      size: 3.0M
 sha256sum: 4c635bf913db7c01062d2ff2e6d3671e1997701c621f26a7003e63b30c0c73a8
      size: 2.6M



New features/bugfixes:

Author: Thomas Wood <thos gnome org>
    Remove empty "gtk-themes/Clearlooks" directory
    Rename .cvsignore files to .gitignore

New/updated translations:

Author: Fran Diéguez <fran dieguez mabishu com>
    Updated Galician translations

Author: Sweta Kothari <swkothar redhat com>
    Updated Gujarati Translations

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