gnome-applets 2.31.6

       Module: gnome-applets
      Version: 2.31.6
  Uploaded by: Enrico Minack
 sha256sum: 1e6621eea616f9d9f93883c1f82748f9b0e1bdde9be4a4b8e2fe77117357eae7
      size: 12M
 sha256sum: 3905f25285df73efc3a265406b00f59319d21b3451f6c59439a3e7e048108a91
      size: 9.6M


Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.31.6

Invest applet: (Enrico Minack)
  - Improved applet icons, fixes bug 532431.
  - Updated documentation and added currency support section.
  - Added help button to context menu and preferences, fixes bug 563475.

Sticky Notes: (Neil Bird)
  - Fixed missing titlebar menu, bug 601908.
  - Fixed clicking on desktop to hide Sticky Notes, fixes bugs 614250, 510933.

Translation Updates:
  Galician, German, Hebrew, Norwegian, Romanian, Simplified Chinese,
  Slovenian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan)

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