evince 2.31.6

       Module: evince
      Version: 2.31.6
  Uploaded by: Carlos Garcia Campos

 sha256sum: 28a752c075dd52b8a1eee41762a4e694689fe370ddae237e503fe1737ea6d23d
      size: 3.4M

 sha256sum: 017a1fff99675dd968dc3ceb559febcd94cd5b36cf4c05ac8f1626e95837f8bd
      size: 2.2M


Evince  2.31.6

New Features and UI Improvements:

    * Preliminary support for adding new annotations (#168304, Carlos
      Garcia Campos)
    * Add confirmation dialog on closing window when document has been
      modified (Form fields have been filled out or annots have been
      added/modified) (#168304, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Add an action to edit menu to save current settings as
      default. Default settings will be used only for new documents
      that don't have metadata (#620325, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Migrate lockdown to gsettings (Carlos Garcia Campos)

Bug fixes:

    * Update synctex parser from TexLive SVN repository (#624532,
      Marek Kasik)
    * Fix a crash when loading document with inverted colors enabled
      (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Several build improvements (Hib Eris)
    * Fix memory leaks when document is reloaded (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Fix position of window annotations when moved by the user (Jose
      Aliste, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Fix build with poppler 0.14 (#624904, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Use cairo instead of gdk_draw API (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Only set text and text_layout flags in page cache when a11y
      might be enabled (Carlos Garcia Campos)

Translation updates:

    * Xandru Armesto (ast)
    * Mario Blättermann (de)
    * Jorge González (es)
    * Ivar Smolin (et)
    * Fran Diéguez (gl)
    * Sweta Kothari (gu)
    * Yaron Shahrabani (he)
    * Shankar Prasad (kn)
    * Sandeep Shedmake (mr)
    * Kjartan Maraas (nb)
    * Daniel Nylander (sv)
    * Krishna Babu K (te)
    * Eleanor Chen (zh_CN)
    * Chao-Hsiung Liao (zh_HK)
    * Chao-Hsiung Liao (zh_TW)


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