libsoup 2.27.92

       Module: libsoup
      Version: 2.27.92
  Uploaded by: Dan Winship
 sha256sum: c9df97f5aa2c6970f1c9152ada1576695a9902e26b63f8048a882da50db39384
      size: 828K
 sha256sum: c923ae314d4c989fc51b71d476650d25bc1c28a8c5aa1b7caf4734f839c8249b
      size: 624K


Changes in libsoup from 2.27.91 to 2.27.92:

	* Removed SoupPasswordManager from the public API until its
          problems can be addressed. Although it is still present, you
          need to #define a special symbol for it to be visible in the
          header files; see #594377 for details.

	* Fixed a bug where empty query components were dropped from
          URIs. [#594405]

	* Fixed "make check" to work (but warn) when building with

	* Fixed some small documentation bugs pointed out by Dominik
          Bylica and Lucian Langa.

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