gnome-games 2.27.92

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.27.92
  Uploaded by: Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen
 sha256sum: df2bdded02bb8e888ee2391a95320a3cf7f5c12d335f4448d935d1d469f72832
      size: 29M
 sha256sum: 88522f18843c5dc7a91b45aaf01ab4ed8e9c79560e1ce1c413560d7343c889d6
      size: 25M


gnome-games 2.27.92

With this release gnometris is working again. Also various bugfixes and

Alexander Shopov (1):
      Updated Bulgarian translation

Antón Méixome (1):
      Updated Galician Translation

Baris Cicek (1):
      Updated Turkish translation.

Branko KokanoviÄ? (2):
      Updated Serbian translation
      Updated Serbian translation

Carles Ferrando (1):
      Added Catalan (Valencian) translation

Christian Persch (17):
      libgames-support: Add icon for GAMES_STOCK_START_NEW_GAME stock
      Fix out-of-srcdir build
      aisleriot: Fix AisleriotBoard definition
      Remove extra newlines
      Support silent build with automake 1.11
      Use $(SED)
      Allow AM_V_GEN pattern
      Fix build on am < 1.11 using shave
      gnome-sudoku: Fix the build
      aisleriot: Fix build when GUILE_DEBUG is not defined
      build: Remove shave support
      libgames-support: Use the right --libtool when generating the .gir
      Use pkglibdir directly here
      gnibbles: Hide notebook border too
      Fix warning on exit with gtk 2.17
      Fix include statement
      Fix a typo

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Daniel S. Koda (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Denis Arnaud (2):
      Updated breton translation and added br in LINGUAS
      Updated breton translation

Duarte Loreto (1):
      Updated Portuguese translation

Gil Forcada (1):
      Minor fixes to Catalan translation

Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (2):
      Updated Basque language
      Updated Basque language

Ivar Smolin (2):
      Updating Estonian translation
      Updating Estonian translation

Jason D. Clinton (10):
      gnomine: Fix resizing button theme artifact, #574118, Matthias Clasen
      gnometris: First pass as implementing a GObject-based texture cache; has issues
      gnometris: solve most of the memory management issues
      gnometris: clean up some of the code carnage from my debugging
      gnometris: restore the functionality of the other themes
      gnometris: restore pixel-level precision to the block renderer
      gnometris: restore ligature-style animations for performance reasons
      gnometris: make the preview cell size depend on preview size; completes 1.0 port
      gnometris: Speed up keypress handler even more for smoother move animations
      gnometris: center the preview widget correctly in main and settings UI

Lucas Rocha (1):
      Post-release version bump

Mario Blättermann (2):
      Added German doc translation (lightsoff)
      Updated German doc translation

Matthias Clasen (4):
      gnomine: Fix too many menuitems visible initially, Bug #592774
      gnomine: Fix a cosmetic issue with the menu XML in the code #592775
      gnomine: Fix keyboard mnemonics don't work #592776
      gnomine: Fix sensitivity handling glitch #592777

Petr Kovar (1):
      Updated Czech translation by Petr Pulc

Robert Ancell (6):
      Fix duplicate GtkBuilder object IDs
      Detect resign and draw requests from CECP AIs
      Make AI players claim draws where possible (Bug #592980)
      Stop using deprecated BaseException.message (Andreas Moog, Robert Ancell, Bug #586581)
      Use smaller fonts and borders when printing to save ink
      Move gnobots2 themes into separate directory (Bug #488974)

Seán de Búrca (1):
      Updated Irish translation

Shankar Prasad (2):
      Updated Kannada(kn) translation
      Updated Kannada(kn) translation

Sweta Kothari (1):
      Updated Gujarati Translations

Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen (5):
      Fix build
      Add games-gtk-compat.h and use it for a few sealings in aisleriot
      Code style fix
      Make AM_SILENT_RULES default to yes
      Gseal: add getter/setter for allocation to games-gtk-compat.h

Valto Wirkola (1):
      Added Finnish translation of Four-in-a-row manual

ifelix (1):
      Updated Tamil Translations

krishnababu k (2):
      Updated Telugu Translations
      Updated Telugu Translations

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