sabayon 2.28.1

       Module: sabayon
      Version: 2.28.1
  Uploaded by: Federico Mena Quintero
 sha256sum: c91b59974ec29e5e6b7638e98ce106c9c258524140eab0a70bc980731e0be053
      size: 1.1M
 sha256sum: 75deed34fee30a3531471100a21bbe2d243a4cd0b5159b8cb888a615831567e0
      size: 684K


Version 2.28.1

  Code name:

	* "Footwear on fire"


	* Remove obsolete calls to os.spawn*() and replace them with
 (Scott Balneaves)

	* Fix potential exception when extracting profiles (Scott Balneaves)

	* Move the "-name" argument for Xephyr where XEPHYR_ARGV is
          defined, so that it is easier to find for distros that need
          to patch it out (Scott Balneaves)


	* Denis Arnaud (br)
	* Gil Forcada (ca)
	* Carles Ferrando Garcia (ca valencia)
	* Ivar Smolin (et)
	* Andika Triwidada (id)
	* Takeshi Aihana (ja)
	* Rimas Kudelis (lt)
	* Leonid Kanter (ru)
	* Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ? (sl)
	* Daniel Nylander (sv)


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