clutter 1.0.6

       Module: clutter
      Version: 1.0.6
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: 5ffaa5fa28f0a6d19300306fa08734cc13fc2dc4293b0014091c31101e4a9061
      size: 2.6M
 sha256sum: e06fb296e191d0ec6ed813d9c6013cbe1cd2f7ca569c11f04079e3a04f08bed8
      size: 2.0M


Clutter 1.0.6 (22/09/2009)

  * List of changes since 1.0.4

    o Various documentation improvements including a new ClutterPath migration
      guide, a Glossary and objects index

    o A couple of new unit tests for: initial actor sizing, preferred actor
      size and ClutterGroup depth sorting

    o Fix ClutterGroup depth sorting

    o Fix double to float type conversions in ClutterScript and update
      test-script.json so it doesn't refer to old Actor types such as

    o Do not attempt to free empty ClutterModel column names

    o Fix the BlendString parser so numbers can be part of function names
      allowing use of DOT3_RGB

    o Fix the parsing of special "signal-" property names available when
      using the ClutterAnimation vararg API

    o Adds a "use-markup" property getter for ClutterText

    o Account for clock roll backs between frames so timelines don't simply

    o Disable mipmap filters before checking framebuffer object completeness
      since some drivers consider texture objects incomplete if a mipmap
      filter is set but the mipmap data hasn't yet been uploaded.

    o Various Makefile fixes, including fixes for the %.c: %.glsl codegen rules
      for GLES2, use AM_SILENT_RULES for automake > 1.11, use a shared set of
      defines for silencing make rules ( and cleanup some
      misuse of CLUTTER_MAJORMINOR.

    o Fix cogl_clear so the alpha component isn't ignored

    o Fix for the GLES 2.0 Cogl backend and the eglx Clutter backend

Many thanks to:

    Damien Lespiau
    Emmanuele Bassi
    Neil Roberts
    �yvind Kolås
    Samuel Degrande
    Zhou Jiangwei

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