clutter 1.0.4

       Module: clutter
      Version: 1.0.4
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: 9daf9078fd420563e82750e92f5bf5a35f449004144043e363106f84394a3927
      size: 2.6M
 sha256sum: 56d9751f5623dbd8554a120deb9e47f4426cedd992daa0f41516b25f05d78cf7
      size: 2.0M


Clutter 1.0.4 (25/08/2009)

  * List of changes since 1.0.2

    o Depend on GObject-Introspection 0.6.4, to fix the generation of
      introspection data from uninstalled libraries

    o Fix a crash when closing multiple stages

    o Help gtk-doc pick up ClutterInterval as an object

    o Do not premultiply the color twice inside the CoglPango renderer

    o Fix keyboard navigation of works inside ClutterText

    o Allow key events to bubble up to its parent container if the
      event contains the control modifier is detected

Many thanks to:

  Jonas Bonn
  Jussi Kukkonen
  Owen W. Taylor

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