libgsf 1.14.16

       Module: libgsf
      Version: 1.14.16
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
 sha256sum: 0d964e7386133fc937376610b7e71463715a716dda248d46cb00864c928aeb36
      size: 784K
 sha256sum: 11fd8fca1bdbcfa426276a124ad083cca9632f03cf766523bcdfb2fca0b08908
      size: 592K


libgsf 1.14.16

	* Add variant of OO_NS_FIELD.

Caolan McNamara:
        * Use gdk_pixbug for thumbnailing when available.  [#594359]

	* Fix problem with errors to stdout.  [#592471]

Vincent Untz:
	* Fix gnome-vfs dependency handling.  [#593480]


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