gnumeric 1.9.14

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.9.14
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
 sha256sum: f886ed4117b0dc167e71294c45b59ffd2b1b4a91f34d32c7cfae6b626c927c09
      size: 21M
 sha256sum: 0f934eddd2204f938f0359d8c39ef590ab4fec60d6922853e6c8c23e3069d7f4
      size: 17M


Gnumeric 1.9.14

Albert Gräf:
        * Add button sheet object.
        * Add radiobutton sheet object.  [#595670]

	* Add more ODF elements on ODF read. [#595750]
	* Fix 2-factor ANOVA with replication.
	* Fix diagonal borders in ODF export/import.
	* For freezing of panes consider edit cell A1 special. [#594875]
	* Don't convert blank cells to 0 in LINEST. [#551234]
	* Fix histogram tool.

	* Make plugins GUI labels translatable. [#159806]
	* Fix more canvas issues.
	* Enable image filling in shapes.

	* Fix inter-process pasting of merged regions.
	* Make inter-process pasting use the sax parser.
	* Make auto-format templates use the sax parser.
	* Fix loading of diagonal border styles.
	* Improve consistency when moving toolbars around.
	* Fix translation problem with toolbar menu.  [#587250]
	* Fix printing of coloured sheet objects.
	* Fix printing of lines and arrows.
	* Fix sheet object/clipboard related critical on exit.  [#596509]
	* Fix Excel-crashing export problem with objects.  [#596886]
	* Add name property to sheet objects.
	* Start cleaning up xls sheet object writing.
	* Plug xls export leaks.
	* Implement export of lines and arrows to xls.  [Part of #597035]
	* Fix xls reading of sheet object colours.
	* Export line and textbox colouring and widths.  [Part of #597035]


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