evolution 2.29.2

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.29.2
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes

 sha256sum: f155a224b12802e87f80bf87c657e57a938e04d844391bb3fba556cfa200f050
      size: 43M

 sha256sum: c125d24d41e20e487e0897ea331022b52f87ae1b572718f3ddff9c037848f616
      size: 37M


Evolution 2.29.2 2009-11-16

Bug Fixes:
	Bug 600397 - Delete option enabled for undeletable ESource
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 600714 - No label colors in popup menu (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 600933 - Empty Trash missing for real trash folders
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 601601 - No Create Rule in popup menu (Lucian Langa)
	Bug 601767 - Delete action in calendar view has glitches
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 601769 - Print issues in address book (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 601774 - "Send Message to Contact" is always disabled
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 601785 - Menu glitches in memo and task view (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 600133 - Crash on day view print preview without all day events
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 600217 - Crashes in emfh_multipart_related_check (Bharath Acharya)
	Bug 601626 - pst-import missing link to libeutil (Travis Reitter)
	Bug 588093 - Allow import of local files from command line (Milan Crha)
	Bug 601516 - Calendar views missing from calendar popup menu
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 593751 - Show correct context menu in calendar views (Milan Crha)
	Bug 601218 - Accepted meeting doesn't show attachments in calendar
	view (Milan Crha)
	Bug 250046 - Composer addresses reading fixes (Milan Crha)
	Bug 600926 - Fails to build due to missing dependencies
	(Jonathon Jongsma)
	Bug 600926 - Fails to build due to missing dependencies (Yan Li)
	Bug 601219 - Transient dialogs in composer window blocks main window
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 271836 - Incorrect signature for "model_cell_changed" signal
	handler (Li Yuan)
	Bug 601229 -  Crashes when replying a mail. (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	Bug 557613 -  evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in try_open_e_book_cb()
	(Chenthill Palanisamy)
	Bug 482327 - Save attached calendar with multiple items easily
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 599792 - Anjal composer's Send button doesn't work after pressed
	Save Drafts button (Yan Li)
	Bug 598877 - Crash while sending mail, in report_status function
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 573304 - Forward an email shouldn't strip signature (Milan Crha)
	Bug 597582 - Original Date: header should be given precedence
	(David Woodhouse)
	Bug 596027: In Anjal, although invalid mail address warning popup,
	mail's tab closed automatically (Yan Li)
	Bug 557505 - [bbdb] hangs and is unresponsive (Milan Crha)
	Bug 596827 - Don't remove meeting attendees after edit (Milan Crha)
	Bug 600402 - Clear search is always enabled in calendar/contact/task
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 599124 - Signature always includes an empty line in front of
	text (Milan Crha)
	Bug 599627 - Crash when adding a new task in a table (C de-Avillez)
	Bug 464400 - New mail notify should display sender and subject
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 583450 - [prefer-plain] Ability to hide html attachments
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 599890 - Search should not be remembered across folders
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 570835 - Custom e-mail headers inserted with double column
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 599837 - Junk plugin combo box is invisible (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 561843 - Properly check for filename being set, to not crash
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 600019 - Menu glitches when an account name is selected
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 600014 - Remove warnings from ech_config_widget_factory()
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 268644 - unread mail shortcut collides with gtk tree search
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 599896 - Flush outbox option is missing (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 599882 - Crash in em_folder_tree_select_prev_path() when wrapping
	to bottom (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 599842 - EConfig does not respond to disabling/enabling EPlugins
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 552727 - Flooded by spam checking errors if bogofilter not
	installed (Milan Crha)
	Bug 550049 - Disable Mark messages as read actions when unusable
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 571039 - Shows all selected messages in a preview pane on a slow
	network (Milan Crha)
	Bug 599199 - Hangs regularly when synchro with pidgin is activated
	(Milan Crha)
	Bug 599740 - Crashing in g_thread_init (Milan Crha)
	Bug 598519 - Cannot open task/memo by double click in calendar day
	view (Milan Crha)
	Bug 204900 - The sort indication arrows cover up the icons in tab
	header (Milan Crha)

Other Changes:
	Update API documentation. (Matthew Barnes)
	Hide actions when lockdown settings are enabled. (Matthew Barnes)
	EWebView popup menu enhancements. (Matthew Barnes)
	Fix a typo in a comment block. (Matthew Barnes)
	Update the OtherBinaries line in our .desktop file. (Matthew Barnes)
	Simplify clipboard handling in addressbook. (Matthew Barnes)
	Simplify clipboard handling in calendar. (Matthew Barnes)
	More build failures due to missing internal lib dependencies
	(Jonathon Jongsma)
	Fix Windows build (Tor Lillqvist)
	Fix a potential crash in the mail migration code. (Matthew Barnes)
	Ensure "pkcs12.h" is the mozilla-nss one and not the gnutls one
	(Tor Lillqvist)
	Enable building without Canberra-GTK (Tor Lillqvist)
	Fix EPluginLib callback signatures. (Matthew Barnes)
	Kill e-cursor(s) (both of them). (Matthew Barnes)
	EMFormat plugins should always be enabled. (Matthew Barnes)
	Add zooming and drag-and-drop to the plugin. (Matthew Barnes)
	Prototype an inline image plugin. (Matthew Barnes)
	Convert some "Save As" actions to run asynchronously. (Matthew Barnes)
	Prototype EIOActivity, which integrates with GIO. (Matthew Barnes)
	Move EActivity and subclasses to e-util. (Matthew Barnes)
	Support other forward types for Anjal. (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	Remove redundant URI/filename conversion functions. (Matthew Barnes)
	Build filename using g_build_filename instead of hardcoding
	forward-slash (Tobias Mueller)
	Quote filename during restore to prevent user assisted arbitrary
	code execution (Tobias Mueller)
	Sync to disk the outbox, since if we crash, we endup sending mail
	again. (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	Add support for Googlemail and hotmail/live/msn.com accounts.
	(Srinivasa Ragavan)
	Fix a regression caused by EEvent cleanup (Lucian Langa)
	Don't update the message list when right-clicking on a folder.
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Add a menu to the Forward toolbar button. (Matthew Barnes)
	Cleanup and rename filter classes. (Matthew Barnes)
	Prefer GQueue (or GNode) over EDList. (Matthew Barnes)
	EImport cleanup. (Matthew Barnes)
	EEvent cleanup. (Matthew Barnes)
	EConfig cleanup. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove some unfinished / unwanted bits from mail-mt. (Matthew Barnes)
	Prefer GLib mutexes over pthread mutexes. (Matthew Barnes)

	Thomas Thurman (en shaw)
	Jorge González (es)
	Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ? (sl)
	vasudeven (ta)

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