evolution-data-server 2.29.2

       Module: evolution-data-server
      Version: 2.29.2
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes

 sha256sum: 91475a6022b1fadeab05f0457e76b3cf4134d21a4d0892c94ea2a32dfe1ed1d7
      size: 7.0M

 sha256sum: bc0b654ffb61c917119170cf093248ee45b5dc5caad407b50bb413dca3159005
      size: 4.7M


Evolution-Data-Server 2.29.2 2009-11-16

Bug Fixes:
	#599955 - Addressbook's writable signal received late (Milan Crha)
	#597648 - Crash due to DBus used from more threads in one time
	(Milan Crha)
	#600573 - e-addressbook-factory aborts on ldap lookup (Milan Crha)
	#332496 - Category icons not removable (Milan Crha)
	#600527 - Do not use space-and-comma as a category delimiter
	(Milan Crha)
	#600792 - build failure: e_calendar_factory (Yan Li)
	#600792 - build failure: undefined reference to
	`e_offline_listener_new' (Yan Li)
	#344790 - Add nss/nspr package names to pkgconfig requirements
	(Matthew Barnes)
	#599735 - evolution crashes on start up (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	#599671 - gtk_tree_view_column_get_cell_renderers() is deprecated
	(Matthew Barnes)

Other Changes:
	Update API documentation. (Matthew Barnes)
	Whitespace cleanups. (Matthew Barnes)
	Add MANUAL_NSPR_LIBS, too, to LDFLAGS for duration of one test
	(Tor Lillqvist)
	Use EAGAIN instead of ETIMEDOUT on Windows (Tor Lillqvist)
	Don't use commas on the Requires line (Tor Lillqvist)
	Do not skip the + symbol while parsing namespaces and parse all
	namespaces. (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	Deprecate camel_mkdir() and remove assertions. (Matthew Barnes)
	Use g_mkdir_with_parents() in camel_mkdir() (Tor Lillqvist)
	Allow ESourceComboBox to exist with no ESourceList. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove the IDL stuff from our pkgconfig files. (Matthew Barnes)
	Use SQLite's default cache size of 2000 pages in folders.db
	(C de-Avillez)
	Don't pass NULL to PR_Lock() during camel_shutdown(). (Matthew Barnes)
	Deprecate EDList. (Matthew Barnes)
	Use CamelDList and CamelMsgPort in imapx. (Matthew Barnes)

	Thomas Thurman (en shaw)
	Jorge González (es)
	Antón Méixome (gl)
	Kjartan Maraas (nb)
	Dumitru MiÈ?u Moldovan (ro)
	Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ? (sl)
	Daniel Nylander (sv)
	Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ? (sl)
	drtvasudevan (ta)

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