orca 2.27.5

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.27.5
  Uploaded by: William Walker

 sha256sum: 8faaf53f146c91e5fc38ec24a519e452417fde94df30acb0cdb4a774a031b512
      size: 3.6M

 sha256sum: 1a2d280a5cb2942b597db2d6d6361474b2afd9bc037c218fc13ba7de6525a024
      size: 2.1M


2.27.5 - 27-Jul-2009


* Migrated to GtkBuilder (bgo#582506 and bgo#589362)

* Fix for bgo#434600 â?? cursor routing keys cannot be used to position
  caret at end of line

* Re-fix for bgo#568696 - locus of focus changes when updating list of
  files in nautilus

* Work on bgo#575784 - accented characters are not echoed correctly.
  Orca now has two new checkboxes on the "Key Echo" tab of the
  preferences UI.  The first, "Enable non-spacing diacritical keys",
  specifies whether dead keys are echoed or not.  The second, "Enable
  echo by character", specifies if the exact character typed in an
  editable text area is to be spoken.  This differs from the "Enable
  alphanumeric and punctuation keys" setting in that it echos the
  characters that are typed vs. the keys that were pressed.  If both
  are enabled, preference is given to character echo where it applies.

* Fix for bgo#578106 - Gtk Warning on starting Orca Preferences GUI

* Fix for bgo#585049 - When I select paragraphs with Ctrl+Shift+Down
  key combination, Orca says incorrect information message

* Fix for bgo#585417 - Allow pauses to be inserted in speech output

* Fix for bgo#585948 - Automatic position index spoken request.  Orca
  now has a "Speak child position" on the "Speech" tab in the
  preferences UI.  When selected, Orca will speak the child position
  (e.g., 'item 6 of 7') of various objects.

* Fix for bgo#588471 - Orca's clicking functionality should click on
  the locusOfFocus when not in flat review

* Fix for bgo#588774 - Tooltips aren't always presented

* Fix for bgo#589244 - Remove libgail-gnome usage, use gail in gtk+

* Fix for bgo#589497 - orca shouldn't speak entering / leaving flat
  review mode when verbosity is set to brief

* Fix for bgo#589504 - Orca double speaks typed characters when input
  method is enabled


* Fix for bgo#480883 - Braille navigation on Webpages. The pan left
  and pan right buttons on the braille display should now allow you to
  scroll through the page content in linear order.

* Fix for bgo#586399 - Orca should provide support/access to "Mouse
  Overs" in web content.  See the following message for a complete

* Fix for bgo#588910 - Orca should support the spellcheck as you go in
  mozilla applications

* Fix for bgo#589455 - Can not activate links with structural
  navigation keys

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    es       Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez
    fr       French               Claude Paroz


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