gnome-mag 0.15.8

       Module: gnome-mag
      Version: 0.15.8
  Uploaded by: William Walker
 sha256sum: 56008201f2ebdbf9ee4dae9d1a4239d97790379b76ada5c5e1ebf7d74b3797c6
      size: 608K
 sha256sum: c9ed20c85f9be37e5b90eb326e7093e46e34962ec67528f93dbd22033bd0dee2
      size: 500K


What's new in gnome-mag-0.15.8:

* Fixes:
        #574174 - Remove deprecated libgnomeui dependency (André Klapper)
        #554162 - Install colorblind applet to pyexecdir (Marcin Banasiak)
        #562079 - needlessly links against gdk-pixbuf-xlib (Matthias Clasen)
        #580186 - Use gtkbuilder instead of glade (Pedro Fragoso)
        Various - git, doap, etc. (Jaap Haitsma)

* Translations:
        Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle (pt_BR)

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