java-atk-wrapper 0.27.4

       Module: java-atk-wrapper
      Version: 0.27.4
  Uploaded by: Ke Wang
 sha256sum: b9d51b08a4ce01455ff8d029f857df9c46ba947c355a58a0078cb173c03d39e7
      size: 372K
 sha256sum: 4a477408cde06f4fd10b4efd73c9a2b2fddefe2095cb98eb4e388bb33b4871b4
      size: 272K


Java ATK Wrapper version 0.27.4
Important changes:
	* Fixed bug that class files of internal classes are not packed into jar file
	* Fixed build problem of loop variables outside C99 mode
	* Removed functionality of JAVA_HOME auto-detection

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