tomboy 0.15.3

       Module: tomboy
      Version: 0.15.3
  Uploaded by: Sanford Armstrong
  md5sum: a9539155172e0b4fd30bf5e9407da91f
 sha1sum: c3abe1014df01cfdc582ee0fd394e0eefad5ecc9
    size: 6.0M
  md5sum: 1a994afd3f1dafeb144c9887e785eec9
 sha1sum: 32b27377c546191726c2f5a037577efde72bdf42
    size: 5.1M


Version 0.15.3
* New underline formatting add-in (disabled by default) from Mark Wakim.
* Add ctrl +/- shortcuts for changing font size (#488822, Stefan Schweizer).
* Fix bullet display in HTML export (#422954, Stefan Schweizer).
* Update WebSync to use OAuth for authentication, and use the latest REST API.
* Fix i18n issue in WebSync (Anders Petersson).
* Add "Get More Add-Ins..." link in the Add-Ins tab of Preferences.
* Reduce command line output when not running Tomboy with --debug.
* Fix tarball for those that need panelapplet-sharp bundled.
* Documentation updates (Paul Culter).
* New Translations: vi
* Translation updates: bn_IN, es, et, he, sv, ta, th, uk, zh_CN

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