seed 0.8.5

       Module: seed
      Version: 0.8.5
  Uploaded by: Tim Horton
  md5sum: 24913fabef7c46d079d7fe7a21259692
 sha1sum: 3ff65b4a50ba84a4e9af9586c4a8fe3b8aec9581
    size: 1.5M
  md5sum: c97ab62373863e0ddcdc906833c438c5
 sha1sum: ed971e1b8dc7b6990ee0039860ab2c9c27241432
    size: 1.3M


== Seed 0.8.5, "Self Portrait" (2009.07.10) ==

* Significant reorganization and expansion of the reference documentation

* New native modules:
	* gettext
	* MPFR (partially complete)

* Same Seed has moved to the gsoc-seed-games branch of Gnome Games
  (and will eventually move to master)

* Add seed-module.h, which includes a handful of macros to make writing modules
  slightly more attractive. Look at gettext or the reference docs for examples.

* Prefix native modules with seed_ (, etc.); this fixes the
  need to incessantly 'make clean' seed and cuts down on ambiguity in naming.

* Add 'seed_value_is_string', 'seed_value_is_number', and
  'seed_value_is_object_of_class' to libseed

* Update examples to latest (now frozen) Clutter API changes.

* Fixes a bug with the importer search path which resulted in the search path
  being overwritten each time something was imported
* The importer now also searches the directory in which the script being
  executed is located by default.

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