gtk-engines 2.18.1

       Module: gtk-engines
      Version: 2.18.1
  Uploaded by: Benjamin Berg
  md5sum: a187819763b0b2e1cc5d9438631d965f
 sha1sum: e4210d53a1f39e66253f2be37e73a2871d9d6b53
    size: 812K
  md5sum: 5dc748cfb0587bb412adc49b666fb6f8
 sha1sum: 81d66e73b4c7126405b142ca349a167605403519
    size: 600K


Overview of Changes in 2.18.1 (since 2.18.0)

Changes in this release:
 - Clearlooks draws the focus line of entries now correct.
 - Clearlooks now only draws a one pixel line between two adjacent steppers.

GNOME bugs fixed in this release:
 576786 â?? clearlooks is broken on trunk
 576787 â?? export hygiene
 572178 â?? Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols

New and updated translations:
 Ray Wang (zh_CN)
 Shankar Prasad (kn)
 Djihed Afifi (ar)
 Suso Baleato (gl)

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