nautilus 2.26.2

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.26.2
  Uploaded by: Alexander Larsson
  md5sum: 312405da22ccf0c3501eed2feed615c1
 sha1sum: f5f621d2eb401bdf91b0e00b9676a6687ac0548c
    size: 8.4M
  md5sum: 6b9292ed9dde8b5f86a3b6df1422d5f8
 sha1sum: db49ea2ff358b7af857257f4f085b03b517d7b3f
    size: 5.7M


Major changes in 2.26.2 are:
* Fix issue with default dnd type when dragging to a parent directory
* Fix icon view RTL layout in compact view
* Make sure spatial geometry is always saved when closing windows
* Save and load custom accelerator maps
* Check for PackageKit before showing dialog using it
* Add "location" column
* Show both unmount and eject in menus for mounts that support both

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