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Changes in libsoup from 2.26.0 to

	* libsoup uses libproxy for PAC and WPAD proxy resolution
          again. However, it arranges to do all communication with
          GConf itself, to ensure that libproxy doesn't call it in
          non-thread-safe ways. [#571527] Also, fixed a bug in
          SoupSessionSync when proxy resolution failed. [#574957,
          patch from Milan Crha]

	* SoupURI now handles unencoded spaces in URIs. In particular,
          redirects via Location headers with spaces in them now work.

	* libsoup can now deal with servers (and clients) that
          erroneously use LF LF instead of CR LF CR LF to separate
          the headers and body. [#571283]

	* Added soup_message_headers_get_one() and
          soup_message_headers_get_list(), which will eventually
          deprecate soup_message_headers_get(). This lets applications
          deal correctly with implementations that erroneously send
          multiple copies of single-valued headers. [#576760]

	* In particular, soup_message_headers_get_content_type() now
          ignores duplicate Content-Type headers [#576760] and also
          ignores syntactically-incorrect Content-Type headers.

	* SoupCookieJar can now store multiple cookies with the same
          domain and name, but different paths. [#577360]

	* Abnormal SSL connection closes are now treated as ordinary
          EOFs, for compatibility with certain sites. [#577386]

	* soup_header_g_string_append_param() now allows NULL values.

	* soup_message_headers_append() now rejects header names and
          values with newlines or certain other illegal data in them,
          rather than generating syntactically invalid headers.

	* Fixed a small bug in soup_date_new_from_string's ISO 8601
          handling [qv #578369 for g_time_val_from_iso8601].

	* The regression tests now work correctly on machines where
          "localhost" resolves to "::1" instead of "".
          [#576583, patch from Andreas Rottmann]

	* Miscellaneous documentation fixes/clarifications.

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