gnome-bluetooth 2.27.2

       Module: gnome-bluetooth
      Version: 2.27.2
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
  md5sum: 26f1ee5af89c9a5ca17ede6261e92a5b
 sha1sum: ef8a251bfd5836c6d6e4457b8e17f58959bd786a
    size: 704K
  md5sum: cbcc67dcf2205dd187dc368952c7edd2
 sha1sum: b3f37bad43004dd0073d9b8746ec7b0e6e663992
    size: 524K


ver 2.27.2:
	- Use our own "paired" icon, to avoid confusion in some themes
	- Remove "Trust" from the UI, it's an implementation detail
	- Group input and audio device-types under the same heading
	in the chooser

	- Use new "disabled" icons
	- Add a status label for the killswitch menu item
	- Add the ability to connect/disconnect from devices
	directly from the applet's menu

	- Only show the default adapter, and simplify the UI
	- Show a way to turn off the killswitch when there's
	no Bluetooth adapters in the machine

	- Don't show "Enter passkey" when we know the passkey
	of the device already
	- Remove special-casing of mice, and PS3 BD remote from
	the code and into the database
	- Move passkey options button back into the content area,
	from the action area
	- Simplify passkey options dialogue
	- Connect to input and audio devices when setup finishes
	- Mark all the newly paired devices as trusted
	- Fix the wizard not allowing to get past the search page
	when the device selected didn't have a name at first
	- Port quirks database to XML
	- Add quirk for the Bluemax Bluetooth GPS Receiver GPS-009
	- Add quirk for the Nintendo Wiimote
	- Add quirk for iBT-GPS, and another GPS

	- Fix obex-data-server support

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