nemiver 0.6.6

       Module: nemiver
      Version: 0.6.6
  Uploaded by: Dodji Seketeli
  md5sum: e91820b7f49d224c977699cb11537a56
 sha1sum: 884f81b49e114b7c14222eb2875140c5940a581d
    size: 1.6M
  md5sum: e17c00535e6584668fe785aa7589f98f
 sha1sum: 97a9d7db3ed941d733a4c7b4b6554acb2cceecfa
    size: 1.3M


0.6.6 Release

Dodji Seketeli:
      Update ephy-spinner widget (Closes: #574915)
      Fix tests to work with Boost.Test 1.37
      Fix MI parsing error with Archer (Closes: #575660)

Hans Vercammen:
      Fix build with gcc 4.1.2 (Closes: #572704)

Jonathon Jongsma:
      Update all of the screenshots for the manual
      Change serial input to a FileChooserButton (Closes: #436057)
      Enable re-ordering of source file tabs (Closes: #545246)
      Make the 'View > Memory' conditionally used (Closes: #564832)
      Give indication of activity in the 'open file' dialog (Closes #564294)
      Fix File list so keyboard navigation scrolls list again (Closes: #564294)
      Scroll 'File Open' list to starting source file (Closes: #525512)
      Ellipsize filename in tab (Closes: #565645)
      Sort columns of process selection dialog displays warning (Closes: #534700)
      Improve global variable listing (Bug #573709)
      Check for empty before isspace in UString::chomp() (Closes: #574214)
      Don't split member vars incorrectly if value has comma (Closes: #527947)
      Save session when switching debugging contexts (Fixes: #575912)

Landry Breuil:
      Many build fixes for OpenBSD

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