murrine 0.90.3

       Module: murrine
      Version: 0.90.3
  Uploaded by: Andrea Cimitan
  md5sum: 948ae8df6ac7553e1d28e441a9dd6075
 sha1sum: e82148e1862258da253694018ae2ce62446092d5
    size: 360K
  md5sum: 58a10b5c7b5e114a8a7ff5705fe274f5
 sha1sum: 5c65acf7948d23bb1693728157425120486303a8
    size: 272K


Overview of Changes in 0.90.3 (since 0.90.2)
Changes in this release:
- Better focus theming.
- Don't draw shadows around GtkSpinButton, draw an inset instead.

Overview of Changes in 0.90.2 (since 0.90.1)

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