gnome-terminal 2.22.2

       Module: gnome-terminal
      Version: 2.22.2
  Uploaded by: Christian Persch
  md5sum: 08e739e12c9f614026f1364616be65c1
    size: 2.8M
  md5sum: 4bbc1439243e20baffae9d15861c0695
    size: 1.8M


2008-05-22  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	* src/encoding.c: (update_active_encodings_from_string_list): Use the
	correct allocator.

2008-05-10  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	* src/terminal-window.c: (notebook_page_added_callback): Fix menubar
	visibility in newly created windows from DND. Bug #528915, patch by
	Gábor Szeder.

2008-05-06  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	* src/terminal.c: (handle_new_terminal_event): Ignore unknown options
	when handling a new-terminal event from another instance. Don't call
	exit() when parsing the passed options fail; instead just ignore the
	request. Bug #531720.

2008-04-07  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	=== Release 2.22.1 ===


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