epiphany 2.22.2

       Module: epiphany
      Version: 2.22.2
  Uploaded by: Christian Persch

  md5sum: cdc44e20c2ebaba1fe71c1154030dcd9
    size: 6.9M

  md5sum: f90dc0a01dae58dfa393b17bce717d3c
    size: 5.0M


2008-05-26 17:56  chpe

	* [r8257] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/ContentHandler.cpp:
	  Don't check only for apps supporting URIs. Bug #534846.
	* [r8256]
	  branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/mozilla-embed-single.cpp: Fix
	  compile warning.

2008-05-25 20:02  chpe

	* [r8253] branches/gnome-2-22/src/ephy-tabs-menu.c: Plug a mem

2008-05-24 12:28  diegoe

	* [r8251] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/ephy-embed-utils.c: Fix the
	  window title copying status bar's text, closes: #524587.

2008-05-23 22:01  chpe

	* [r8248]
	  nother try to fix bug #534056.

2008-05-23 21:45  chpe

	* [r8247] branches/gnome-2-22/src/ephy-main.c: Bail out if the
	  --profile directory isn't an absolute path. Bug #518215.

2008-05-23 21:12  chpe

	* [r8246] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/EventContext.cpp:
	  Remove leading/trailing whitespace from strings in EventContext.
	  Bug #533983.

2008-05-23 21:03  chpe

	* [r8245] branches/gnome-2-22/configure.ac: Version update for
	* [r8244]
	  branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/mozilla-embed-single.cpp: Try
	  to to fix the build on 1.8. Bug #534056.

2008-05-20 06:00  diegoe

	* [r8240]
	  branches/gnome-2-22/src/bookmarks/ephy-bookmarks-import.c: Don't
	  free file_info too soon or the pointer to file_type will be
	  lost. This fixes bookmark imports not working (note that HTML
	  import is not working, only RDF). Patch by Sebastian Keller,
	  closes: #523414.

2008-05-18 22:36  diegoe

	* [r8236] branches/gnome-2-22/configure.ac: Fix the check for a
	  valid LSB_DISTRIBUTOR string. Patch by Josselin Mouette, closes:

2008-05-18 21:50  chpe

	* [r8234]
	  branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/mozilla-embed-single.cpp: Use
	  sizeof here instead of hardcoding the current size.
	* [r8233] branches/gnome-2-22/lib/ephy-module.c: Also unload the
	  module if the returned GType is 0 here.
	* [r8232] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/mozilla-embed.cpp: Fix
	  bug #453379.
	* [r8231] branches/gnome-2-22/data/glade/epiphany.glade,
	  branches/gnome-2-22/src/pdm-dialog.c: Fix crash in PDM when
	  clicking cookie properties button without a selected cookie. Bug
	  #504136, patch by Michael Wolf.
	* [r8230] branches/gnome-2-22/configure.ac: Fix the build so that
	  we get the "Firefox/3.0" part appended to the UA on xulrunner.
	* [r8229] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/EphyPromptService.cpp,
	  branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/EphyUtils.cpp: Convert and
	  control chars to spaces in the prompt strings. Fixes bug #504519.
	* [r8228] branches/gnome-2-22/configure.ac,
	  Implement nsIXULAppInfo so we get the "Gecko/DATE" part in the
	  UA right. Use the 2.22.2 release date as the fixed date/build ID.
	* [r8227]
	  Remove debug spew. NULL-proof the pwd entry removal.

2008-05-18 21:49  chpe

	* [r8226] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/GlobalHistory.cpp,
	  Implement dummy nsIDownloadHistory interface on GlobalHistory.

2008-05-13 17:37  pmkovar

	* [r8220] branches/gnome-2-22/po/ChangeLog,
	  branches/gnome-2-22/po/cs.po: cs.po: Fixed Czech translation,
	  thanks to Pavel Sefranek and Lucas Lommer (bug #531247).

2008-05-04 20:59  frolix68

	* [r8215] branches/gnome-2-22/help/ChangeLog: Updated Greek
	  translation by Giannis Katsampirhs <juankatsampirhs gmail com>

2008-05-04 20:57  frolix68

	* [r8214] branches/gnome-2-22/help/el/el.po: Updated Greek
	  translation by Giannis Katsampirhs <juankatsampirhs gmail com>

2008-04-16 13:42  utx

	* [r8213] branches/gnome-2-22/po/ChangeLog,
	  branches/gnome-2-22/po/cs.po, trunk/po/ChangeLog,
	  trunk/po/cs.po: cs.po: Typo fix.

2008-04-10 21:55  chpe

	* [r8209] branches/gnome-2-22/configure.ac: Set version to

2008-04-10 21:24  chpe

	* [r8208] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/GeckoPrintService.cpp:
	  Fix print preview. Bug #510694.

2008-04-09 16:53  chpe

	* [r8207] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/EphyBrowser.cpp,
	  branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/EphyBrowser.h: Use nsIURIFixup
	  instead of massaging the URI ourself.

2008-04-09 13:45  chpe

	* [r8206] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/ContentHandler.cpp,
	  branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/ContentHandler.h: Cleanup

2008-04-09 13:44  chpe

	* [r8205] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/ContentHandler.cpp:
	  Fix auto-open. Bug #513837.

2008-04-09 13:43  chpe

	* [r8204] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/ContentHandler.cpp:
	  Add another death grip.

2008-04-09 13:32  chpe

	* [r8203] branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/ContentHandler.cpp:
	  Add a kung fu death grip to keep us alive. Part of bug #513837

2008-04-07 16:42  chpe

	* [r8200] branches/gnome-2-22/configure.ac: Post release version

2008-04-07 16:34  chpe

	* [r8198] branches/gnome-2-22/configure.ac,
	  branches/gnome-2-22/embed/mozilla/Makefile.am: Release

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