cluttermm 0.7.1

       Module: cluttermm
      Version: 0.7.1
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 0617b3a835c36667851ce8fcae3ae4aa
 sha1sum: 04b359f12ae83c746732c095449b2291f2392eab
    size: 600K
  md5sum: 06974c2e8355fe7565cbe9e324f1cb8f
 sha1sum: 90cf93e8e4babe3bce0ad8c741f8ca70ed973741
    size: 412K



* Target clutter-0.8 instead of clutter-0.7
* Remove clutter-cairomm and clutter-gtkmm. We will release bindings 
  for clutter-cairo-0.8 and clutter-gtk-0.8 when they exist.

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