totem-pl-parser 2.23.3

       Module: totem-pl-parser
      Version: 2.23.3
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
  md5sum: f0b182fc26c62f70998c1ef842aabaec
 sha1sum: fd476ac34ed70d4b23e754c50efe4396d536bd1b
    size: 1.2M
  md5sum: c163dfd840c6a522e6cd852b379e89cd
 sha1sum: 019118456f65e1a06439580186417d4045b47fe3
    size: 760K


* Fix a possible crasher when detecting the media type of an optical
  media, and an error occurs (such the device not being an audio CD)
* Fix compilation with some setups

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