gtk-engines 2.17.2

       Module: gtk-engines
      Version: 2.17.2
  Uploaded by: Benjamin Berg
  md5sum: e6e539642c69f9ce924dd080a975a8d7
 sha1sum: 1f2bfcb5c37d342a935ed0b5d98a29f6cfcff05a
    size: 840K
  md5sum: 915bfdc28c51abe7d651dfd7d2f01e98
 sha1sum: ea98cea930d4fb7ed28fe65c81b04ad5e9346d80
    size: 600K


Overview of Changes in 2.17.2 (since 2.17.1)

GNOME Bugs fixed in this release:
 563256 â?? 2.17.1 ftbfs

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