gnome-scan 0.6.1

       Module: gnome-scan
      Version: 0.6.1
  Uploaded by: Ã?tienne Bersac
  md5sum: b7c5c6173d1613d3fe5c88529f6e82e2
 sha1sum: c4f9b95e7c993a22c0f3256ca4bfbee9cec9bf25
    size: 612K
  md5sum: aac087c9c36b92cbd87063e6d7017fe4
 sha1sum: 432e4f6370e0f9de5a9453a34871ea12aae9e025
    size: 492K


Changes in version 0.6.1

 * Fix default cursor in dialog and preview area.

 * Update to Gegl 0.0.21 to fix black frame bug.

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