file-roller 2.23.6

       Module: file-roller
      Version: 2.23.6
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
  md5sum: 491718fd7cee97c118bfe6146c19fffa
 sha1sum: 5d26c2ca28affd4aa73f4b491c08baaf8a6e5fad
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: ef4cd14f8129bfde4c6c49643cc91332
 sha1sum: 2354c9b3fc450ac018aa36251bbb084a94c910cb
    size: 1.4M


version 2.23.6

	Bugs fixed:

	* #350640: sending an empty folder doesn't work.
	* #548020: "create archive" directory selection not working
	  correctly. Patch by Marcel Stimberg.
	* #546698: file-roller-2.23.1/2.23.5 removes r/x bit for anyone but
	  root from /
	* #547733: 7-zip tells about invalid command line
	* #547297: Crash reading zip/7za files with 7z version 4.55.
	* #546978: wrong icon for folders. Patch by Matthias Clasen.
	* #547017: segfault in "Open with". Patch by Matthias Clasen.
	* #546505: Debian packages not supported anymore.
	* #542424: Tar.bz2 archives create uncompressed archive files.
	* #546541: Typo and little errors in documentation. Suggested by
	  Frederic Peters. Patch by Claude Paroz.
	* LP#26662: file-roller fails to open .Z files.

	New or updated application translations:

	* Arabic (Djihed Afifi)
	* Belarusian Latin (Ihar Hrachyshka)
	* Bengali INDIA (Runa Bhattacharjee)
	* Brazilian Portuguese (Fábio Nogueira)
	* Español (Jorge González)
	* Estonian (Ivar Smolin)
	* Finnish (Ilkka Tuohela)
	* Hebrew (Gil Osher)
	* Japanese (Takeshi AIHANA)
	* Portuguese (Duarte Loreto)
	* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
	* Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)

	New or updated manual translations:

	* Español (Jorge González)
	* German (Mario Blättermann)

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