evolution-jescs 2.23.1

       Module: evolution-jescs
      Version: 2.23.1
  Uploaded by: Jedy Jedy Wang

  md5sum: 4f21101fa05dca1cf5a37217088c77ec
 sha1sum: 617d565a8689d65c41a66eb1d9fcac20eef3bc56
    size: 744K

  md5sum: f9cbd5a3640db5df457cdf479b99d815
 sha1sum: b14d078b56d760d00ea43d72c32c91f22775d94b
    size: 544K


2008-08-19  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* configure.in: Bump to 2.23.1.

2008-08-15  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	Update new icons to make jescs work with fix of #467115.

	* Makefile.am: Add new dir dta.
	* configure.in: Add new dir data.
	* data/Makefile.am: New.
	* data/hicolor_apps_16x16_sun-connector.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_apps_22x22_sun-connector.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_apps_24x24_sun-connector.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_apps_32x32_sun-connector.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_apps_48x48_sun-connector.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_categories_16x16_sunone-invitations.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_categories_22x22_sunone-invitations.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_categories_24x24_sunone-invitations.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_categories_32x32_sunone-invitations.png: New.
	* data/hicolor_categories_48x48_sunone-invitations.png: New.
	* storage/GNOME_Evolution_SunOne_Storage.server.in.in: adpots new icon.
	* storage/Makefile.am: Remove old icons.
	* storage/sun-connector.png: Removed.
	* storage/sunone-invitations-mini.png: Removed.
	* storage/sunone-invitations.png: Removed.

2008-08-11  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	Update the code to use the debug log support provided by libsoup.

	* lib/sunone-message.[ch]: Remove the code related with the old logger.
	* lib/sunone-connection.c:  New logger support.
	* storage/main.c: New logger support.

2008-06-03  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* configure.in: Bump to 2.23.0.

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