accerciser 0.1.4

       Module: accerciser
      Version: 0.1.4
  Uploaded by: Eitan Isaacson
  md5sum: 262d9befa70af8218415614f61223c19
    size: 768K
  md5sum: f799b3a1aee383af378299344107fd2e
    size: 636K


Version 0.1.4

New Features
- Accessible treeview's loading of child nodes is now decoupled,
loading obscenely large amounts of child nodes does not freeze the
entire desktop.
- Removed main glade file, main UI definition is now built at run time.
- Implemented use of UIManager and Actions.
- Added bookmark capabilities.

New And Updated Translations
- Alexander Shopov (bg)
- Joan Duran (ca)
- Dawa pemo (dz)
- Jorge González (es)
- Jovan Naumovski (mk)


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