gtk+ 2.11.3

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.11.3
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: 84b6c30467cc089ef1dcffe1d1f51906
    size: 21M
  md5sum: 49c53959df501a48c2cba834d1993508
    size: 14M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.2 to 2.11.3

* GtkBuilder: GTK+ supports constructing user interfaces 
  from XML descriptions now, similar to libglade.

* The new tooltip code now has convenience api to set
  text tooltips: gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text(),
* GtkTextView, GtkEntry:
 - gtk_widget_modify_cursor() is a new function in the 
   gtk_widget_modify family to override the style-provided 
   cursor colors
 - Use a block cursor in overwrite mode

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Use xdg-user-dirs to find the Desktop directory
 - gtk_file_system_create() is now public API

* GtkMenu:
 - GtkMenuItem gained a submenu property
 - GtkMenuShell obtained a move-selected signal 

* OS X port:
 - Many improvements

* Bugs fixed:
 445691 Crash when spawning a new process
 447163 Implicit pointer conversion gdk_font_ref()
 420249 deadlock on print operation
 440918 out-of-bound access on loading pnm
 142494 treeview coordinate systems need documentation/auditing
 343012 RC parser rejects lower-case identifiers.
 350460 Popup windows (esp. menus) misbehave wrt focus
 410815 Icon view gets confused when scaling down the pixbuf column
 435471 small GtkComboBox cleanup
 435840 GTK_WIDGET_SAVED_STATE inconsistency
 442617 gdk_spawn overrides envp, breaking child setup funcs whic...
 443913 When .recently-used.xbel is empty, recently-used uses %10...
 444097 Cannot compile gtksearchenginesimple.c
 444310 update_buttons_state on a bare assistant causes gtk+ to c...
 444734 Compact file-chooser folder selection not working with gt...
 444786 Error loading 'gtk-select-color' in Stock icons and Items
 445054 GtkScrolledWindow::scrollbars-within-bevel is drawing wrong
 445284 Custom (pixbuf etc.) cursor reverts to default cursor on ...
 445539 Unititialized var in gtkrc.c trunk
 445855 gtk_scale_button_new() uses private API.
 446138 Tiny doc update for gdk_window_get_pointer()
 446513 gtknotebook.h: create_window is wrong declaration
 446616 glib requirement insufficient
 447065 GtkMenuItem: add "submenu" property and some cleanup
 426192 Symbolic colors are not working under "engine" sections o...
 446107 tiff load dialogue has unreadable text
 447396 Typo in documentation of gtk_widget_modify_cursor
 79585 	API to change cursor color
 80378 	Visible (Cursor-shape) indicator for Overtype mode
 158008 Stock button for Dont Save, Discard Changes, Do Not Save
 334576 GtkCellRendererProgress ignores xalign attribute
 344836 Add orientation property to CellRendererProgress
 172535 Add support for UI builders in gtk+
 446833 gtk_menu_shell_move_selected should be a vcall
 447586 gtknotebook.c: decreasing unknown size pointer

* Updated translations
 Spanish (es)
 Swedish (sv)

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