gnome-power-manager 2.19.3

       Module: gnome-power-manager
      Version: 2.19.3
  Uploaded by: Richard Hughes
  md5sum: 39ef39050e7809d322476905b8bf7409
    size: 3.0M
  md5sum: 983675b23424859150e2feeecc0d739f
    size: 2.3M


Version 2.19.3

- Fixed #428401, Clicking the brightness applet dims the screen (Benjamin Canou)
- Fixed #438838, crash when g-p-m can't connect with assertion enabled (Richard Hughes)
- Fixed #440409, Failed to build when using SUN C compiler (Richard Hughes)
- Fixed #445173, Strings in files are not marked for translation (Gabor Kelemen)
- Don't try to do the policy action when the average accuracy is low. (Richard Hughes)
- Make the brightness dim code "learn" to take longer to dim if you keep
  undimming the screen shortly after auto-dimming it. (Richard Hughes)
- Change default of /apps/gnome-power-manager/general/network_sleep to
  false, as we now do the system action in pm-utils. (Richard Hughes)
- Add initial code to use a webcam as a brightness sensor. (Richard Hughes)
- Rework the brightness interactions, and rename a large part of the
  gconf schemas. (Richard Hughes)

- Updated pt: Duarte Loreto
- Updated sv: Daniel Nylander
- Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
- Updated en_GB: David Lodge
- Updated dz: Pema Geyleg
- Updated pl: Artur Flinta
- Updated th: Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
- Updated cs: Jakub Friedl
- Updated id: Mohammad DAMT
- Updated es: Jorge Gonzalez


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