gtk+ 2.10.13

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.10.13
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: 729abacb8cba288595022be1f2d1fd40
    size: 22M
  md5sum: d0af87715f3b0f05bf38a3312a528012
    size: 15M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.10.12 to 2.10.13

* The GtkFileChooserDialog sizing code has been 

* The DirectFB backend has seen various fixes.

* Bugs fixed:
 347883 do-overwrite-confirmation does nothing in 2.10
 389603 GtkFileChooserWidget crashes when the window is too narrow
 418047 GtkIconView sizing is very broken
 420249 deadlock on print operation
 437081 gdk_draw_pixbuf() accepts zero width or height and crashes
 379213 gtkaboutdialog.h causes warnings with GCC and -Wshadow
 420285 GtkFileChooserDialog resizes indefinetely in matchbox
 424299 expand_folders=true shrinks dialog
 424309 expand_folders=true makes dialog sticking out of screen
 436721 Win32: gtk_window_resize does not redraw the child widget
 437281 gtk_button_set_image destroyes the old image
 437379 Please commit these patches in trunk and gtk-2-10
 437879 gdk_draw_trapezoids fill wrong cairo path
 438113 vertical separator requests wrong size
 438261 Thai input does not work when NumLock/CapsLock is on
 438750 gtk-cell-renderer-text doesn't wrap on font scale
 439565 Crash in GtkIconView a11y code
 440040 Reference counting in GtkPrintOperation goes awry
 440511 xcursors.h: illegal initializing
 440780 GtkAction set_short_label might be broken
 441443 jpeg loader does not set error upon abortion
 441863 Suboptimal submenu placement
 444310 update_buttons_state on a bare assistant causes gtk+ to c...
 445284 Custom (pixbuf etc.) cursor reverts to default cursor on ...
 430746 Combobox might emit a signal during finalize
 436269 GtkTreeView doesn't expand/collapse with Right/Left curso...
 442326 Overview navigator traps mouse on wrong screen in dual mo...
 445196 please backport cursor color patch to 2.10.x
 435053 MS-Windows Theme top tabs rendered upside down for non-XP...
 79585 	API to change cursor color

* Translation updates:
 Arabic (ar)
 Assamese (as)
 Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
 British English (en_GB)
 Bulgarian (bg)
 French (fr)
 Spanish (es)
 Swedish (sv)
 Thai (th)
 Welsh (cy)

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