gnome-menus 2.17.92

       Module: gnome-menus
      Version: 2.17.92
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
  md5sum: fcbe77a033e5b40c8994e9536600b41f
    size: 568K
  md5sum: db514716a27e3691ea0fbe4a2d167067
    size: 432K


Version 2.17.92


	* Show the system menu directories by default (as it was in 2.16)
	  (Denis Washington)


	* Peter Bach (da)
	* Takeshi AIHANA (ja)
	* Duarte Loreto (pt)
	* Clytie Siddall (vi)
	* Funda Wang (zh_CN)
	* Woodman Tuen (zh_HK)
	* Woodman Tuen (zh_TW)


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