tomboy 0.5.9

       Module: tomboy
      Version: 0.5.9
  Uploaded by: Boyd H Timothy
  md5sum: e528e10b977120424b61d3ae32a3068f
    size: 1.4M
  md5sum: d1cc9aaf11ec7ed34e2507aad37d6911
    size: 1.0M


Version 0.5.9
* This is a bugfix-only release...
* Fix crash when dragging email with blank subject from Evolution (#408859).
* Fix link uris when drag & drop from nautilus with multiple files (#412355).
* Fix drag & drop behavior to insert dropped uris at mouse location (#330964).
* Fix to only show sticky note importer if external sticky notes exist (#404739).
* Fix to open search dialog in foreground (#411924, Wouter Bolsterlee).
* Use default GNOME font settings by default (#358974, Wouter Bolsterlee).
* Remove author names from official Tomboy plugins (#410314).
* Update minimum requirements: gtk/gdk 2.6.0, gtk-sharp 2.6.0 (#412130).
* Install DBus service file to --prefix when not auto detected.
* Disable NoteOfTheDayPlugin by default.

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