rarian 0.5.8

       Module: rarian
      Version: 0.5.8
  Uploaded by: Don Scorgie

  md5sum: 1586d0f411740e436b1edaca3d7d2623
    size: 440K

  md5sum: 9afee4d25a10bd5310ee21e23a09d659
    size: 308K


Version 0.5.8

 * Fix build on FreeBSD and Solaris (mostly) - Damien Carbury
 * rarian-example now goes through man and info pages again
 * Add MAINTAINER file, since someone asked for it

Bug fixed:
 * Missing argument to sprintf added (bug #11976 and #11957)
 * Fix crashes on invalid info files (bug #11896)
 * Fix crashes on man pages with no section (bug #11901)
 * Fix update script when not reading OMF's directly
 * Don't free environment variables - they don't belong to us 
   - Jan de Groot (bug #11799)
 * Fix categoried with omf files (the one everyone complained

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