orca 2.19.90

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.19.90
  Uploaded by: William Walker

  md5sum: 3155df2b25c1315e97263ce80898fb98
    size: 1.9M

  md5sum: b62dd64bd77b1528d52a054af2975225
    size: 1.3M


2.19.90 - 13-Aug-2007


* More work on bug 364518 â?? Create a GUI interface to the
  pronunciation dictionary

* Fix for bug 455308 â?? Output module and voice selection with Speech
  Dispatcher backend

* Fix for bug 461719 - gnome-mud script failed at import
  (many thanks to Javier Dorado Martínez for this fix)

* Fix for bug 462475 â?? crash due Non-ASCII characters in
  .orca/user-settings.py file

* Fix for bug 462650 - Traceback when using whereAmI in Evolution New
  Contact dialog


* Fix for bug 457988 - Firefox SSL Dialogs are not read

* Fix for bug 460284 - Orca should not allow the user to arrow into
  the FF3 status bar

* Fix for bug 461620 - Orca doesn't speak find results in FF3 when
  focus is on Next/Previous buttons

* Fix for bug 464714 - translations.  Edited docs to reduce confusion.

Open Office:

* Add "soffice" script name mapping to accommodate the (hopefully) last
  name change introduced in OOo 2.3.0

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    de      German               Jochen Skulj
    es      Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez and
                                 Jorge Gonzalez
    gu      Gujarati             Ankit Patel
    sv      Swedish              Daniel Nylander
    ta      Tamil                I. Felix


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