sound-juicer 2.16.2

       Module: sound-juicer
      Version: 2.16.2
  Uploaded by: Ross Burton
  md5sum: c4cbd629bf6c2e324dfdbf45a137d972
    size: 1.6M
  md5sum: 2427ed778ab3366b47405af349be3a33
    size: 1.3M


Sound Juicer "Wish I Could Stop You From Talking" 2.16.2

* "None" directory path shouldn't create blank directory name (#374831, Adam Petaccia)
* Don't disable re-read when playing (#347218, Stephen Cook)
* Update bacon volume (#369490)
* Set a11y relationships (Robin Sonefore, #364386)
* Fix prefs dialog spacing (#332561, Christian Persch)
* Fix dates with 0s in (#364976, Alex Lancaster).
* Replace spaces with underscores in path_patterns and file_patterns when "Strip
  special characters" is selected (#357111, Luca Cavalli).
* Port to automake 1.9, update desktop file for new Bug Buddy (#357682,
  Christian Persch)
* Reset the extract speed on every track just in case (#343544).
* Initialise the authentication manager (#356578)
* Show error messages when the pipeline doesn't link (Tim-Philipp Muller, #361151)
* Add 32x32 icon

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