pygobject 2.12.3

       Module: pygobject
      Version: 2.12.3
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: 1bd11a399df322a53c5b60eb6863a924
    size: 416K
  md5sum: 009986021225b7ea6e0ba848707785af
    size: 336K


2.12.3 18-november-2006
       - distutils build fixes (Cedric)
       - documentation updates (John)
       - gobject.handler_block_by_func and friends now accept methods 
         (Johan, Dima, #375589)
       - avoid truncating of gparamspec (Yevgen Muntyan, #353943)
       - set __module__ on gobject derived types (Johan, 
         Osmo Salomaa, #376099)
       - Ensure exceptions are raised on errors in gobject.OptionGroup
       	 (Johan, Laszlo Pandy, #364576

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