totem 2.17.2

       Module: totem
      Version: 2.17.2
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
  md5sum: 3cc467b1ebf08e68a17ea02e5d25c0b3
    size: 2.5M
  md5sum: 28eec1880da540d48881ccd39ae6ad11
    size: 1.9M


* Many a11y and multi-screen support fixes
* Make use of icons from the themes instead of our own
* Browser plugin:
  - Always support GIF and PNG images
  - Rework parsing of parameters
  - Handle image/x-pict as Apple recommends to force use of QuickTime
  - Make sure we don't copy "fd://0" to the clipboard, or use it to launch
    the Movie Player when streaming from the Web Browser
  - Support MPEG streams in the Windows Media plugin
  - Add work-arounds for broken Microsoft IIS webservers
  - Catch possible errors that occur after the playback has started
* Playlist parser:
  - Add better "plain text" playlist detection
  - Add ASX playlists detection
  - Fix D-Bus warnings
  - Work around a possible assertion when reading from HTTP fails
* Movie Player:
  - Numerous accessibility fixes
  - Add support for Wave and Au files
  - Fix --toggle-controls, and using the "Deinterlace" menu item
  - Avoid warnings when parsing languages translation
  - Fix seek not working as expected in Right-to-Left languages
* GStreamer backend:
  - Do full audio scrubbing
  - Avoid crashing when a file's metadata is invalid UTF-8
  - Avoid possible hangs when getting a redirect message
* xine-lib backend:
  - Implement direct-seeking when playing back a local file

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