librsvg 2.16.1

       Module: librsvg
      Version: 2.16.1
  Uploaded by: Dom Lachowicz
  md5sum: 2bbd4f634ef229cbb1552b574aacf0bd
    size: 556K
  md5sum: 37e046571097ff7ce77ae6e07f096324
    size: 420K


2006-11-02  Dom Lachowicz <domlachowicz gmail com>

	* 2.16.1

2006-11-02  Dom Lachowicz <domlachowicz gmail com>

	* rsvg-structure.c: Bug 361267 - SVGs with duplicate IDs cause Nautilus/eog to
	crash. Basically, a <use> used itself, causing infinite drawing recursion.
2006-11-02  Dom Lachowicz <domlachowicz gmail com>

	* rsvg-gobject.c: Introduce PRIVATE API to get around bugs 357406 and 362217.
	IMHO, gobject's type registration and quark/error system is fundamentally 
	broken with respect to (un)loadable modules such as GTK+ theme engines. This 
	is the best I can do for now without breaking librsvg's API. This may cause
	as many headaches as it fixes, though.
	* rsvg-private.h: Declare new _rsvg_register_types() function
	* gtk-engine/svg-main.c: Invoke new type registration function
	* librsvg.def: export this function
2006-11-02  Dom Lachowicz <domlachowicz gmail com>

	* rsvg-base.c: Use g_quark_from_string() because librsvg might be used
	in a plugin that gets unloaded
2006-10-13  Kouhei Sutou <kou cozmixng org>

	* rsvg-cairo-clip.c: Fix bug with scaling + clipping reported on
2006-09-08  Wouter Bolsterlee  <uws+gnome xs4all nl>

	* Build the mozilla plugin using libxul in
	addition to mozilla and firefox.

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