glade3 3.1.1

       Module: glade3
      Version: 3.1.1
  Uploaded by: Tristan Van Berkom
  md5sum: a7059b4991c95794c1eac411bfa7a09e
    size: 984K
  md5sum: 05594a12a3f2472e67a5a5bb1538ebf0
    size: 732K


Glade 3.1.1

New features and fixes
    - Use GtkRecent and removed manual recent project handling (Vincent Geddes)
    - Refactoring of UI frontend & palette code (Vincent Geddes)
    - Selector button from the palette is now hidden and one is placed on the 
      toolbar instead (Vincent Geddes)
    - Refactoring of core/plugin interface, now the plugin derives an adaptor
      type to interface with the core.
    - New bindings framework, this includes a bindings core module and an initial
      implementation of the python binding (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
    - Added core support for plugins to implement actions on the context menu,
      AND support for scripted context menu actions (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
    - Cleanup of gnome catalog code (Juan Pable Ugarte)
    - Misc bugfixes by Vincent, Juan Pablo, Andreas Köhler and myself.

New and updated translations
    - Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó (ca)


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