gnumeric 1.2.9

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.2.9
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg
  md5sum: 669fe09313ab0cb4e1b8b2b6e6d5a5aa
    size: 17M
  md5sum: d0805068fd7ced5443cb8062d829c554
    size: 14M


Gnumeric 1.2.9

	* Minor fix for xls import of cursor position with frozen panes
	* Fix Excel warning about our exported h/v only frozen panes
	* Fix Excel crash on our exported named expressions with no addins
	* For immediate rerender, even for simple font changes.
	* Direct editing of spinbutton in text importer, and cell format
	* handle insufficient data in moving average tool
	* Enable clicking in the sheet edit item.
	* Restore printing for diagonal borders
	* Fix redraw for hashed (####) values
	* Fix redraw for alignment changes in spans
	* Overlay falue_fmts on xls export because XL does not support them
	* Portability enhancements for hpux/irix

	* Fix crash related to database functions
	* Fix [h]:mm precision

Gnumeric 1.2.8

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