totem 0.99.10

       Module: totem
      Version: 0.99.10
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
  md5sum: 3a4839706fce9328671ee4f7d090bed1
    size: 1.2M
  md5sum: eaf9e86e2dae9ef7318d394fa191c952
    size: 860K


* Use the new GtkFileChooser, and other GTK+ 2.4-related changes
* Make NVidia TV-Out work again
* Remove the (broken) automatic downloader and the CURL dependency
* Show an error message when the audio output isn't available
* Better error handling in the GStreamer backend
* Fix a bug in directory loading with newer glib versions
* Remove the builtin authentication manager to use the one provided
  by the GNOME libraries, fix a deadlock on startup when authentication is
* Make vanity support Linux 2.6
* Stock icons support
* Have the command-line options translated
* Added context menu in the playlist to copy URLs/filenames to the clipboard
* Added a man page for totem
* Install handlers for mms, pnm and rtsp protocols in the xine-lib backend
* Add a button to reset the colour balance settings
* Make the fullscreen slider work again
* Make "totem cd:" work again
* Restore the default audio stream if a custom one is not available in the
  file that we're about to play
* Don't crash when the "none" video output plugin isn't available
* Don't probe for the Xv video driver on remote connections
* Disable the ALSA mixer event thread as we don't need it, fixes a crash/hang
  on exit when using the ALSA audio output
* Fix some bugs in ASX playlist parsing
* Fix crash using Optical Media playback with the GStreamer backend
* Statusbar is now right after ejecting an Optical Media

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