libsigc++ 1.9.16

       Module: libsigc++
      Version: 1.9.16
  Uploaded by: Martin Schulze
  md5sum: 9c2d9ca446d2716a6d399f2a186373a8
    size: 1.8M
  md5sum: 9cc77ce1b763ef222722e761b79acb1a
    size: 1.4M



* Fixed compiler warning in sigc::connection (Alexander Nedotsukov, Murray Cumming).
* Fixed examples and made them part of the regular build (Murray Cumming).
* Added header sigc++config.h for configure time checks (Murray Cumming).
* Added configure time checks to determine the correct syntax
  for explicit template method specializations (Murray Cumming).
* Removed code using partial specializations of overloaded template methods
  from test cases. SUN Forte doesn't support this feature (Martin Schulze).
* Fixed compilation for gcc 3.4 (Murray Cumming).

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