Re: A couple Frogr suggestions

On Tue, 2011-03-01 at 16:31 -0600, Quinn Dombrowski wrote:
> (To the rest of the Frogr list, at Mario's suggestion I'm forwarding
> and continuing an exchange I was having with him directly about a
> couple new features.)

Thanks! Even it seems there's not many people subscribed to this list
yet it indeed looks to me like the way to go keeping these kind of
discussions as open as possible :-)

> One thought about suggestion #3 (rotating to the right orientation)--
> I think it's going to depend on the camera used to take the picture.
> My older camera didn't store any metadata about landscape/portrait
> orientation, and in those cases I guess people would just be out of
> luck. My current camera, though, stores metadata that certain pieces
> of software are automatically able to recognize, and display the
> picture correctly. (Eye of GNOME can do it, for instance.) You can see
> it in the EXIF data viewer on Flickr under Orientation:
> From a bit of Googling around, it sounds like there is an actual EXIF
> "orientation tag", though different cameras might use it differently,
> or store their orientation data in some other way.

Ok, so at the end it looks like there working with exif data will be
needed after all. Guess I can take a look at eog's code to see how they
do that in there.

Thanks for the investigation!

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